About Me

I have always been a keen problem solver, from literally re-coding and killing my C64K and then dismantling my first real computer 486 DX2/66 with the turbo switch. I wasn't interested in using word perfect, I just wanted to see what was under the hood and how I could make it do other stuff.

That passion saw me accept a placement at RMIT University Computer Science program which I had no idea what to expect. I was an okay programmer, but I had a natural connection to shell scripting and regular expressions. That love for scripting opened up the information security door for me.

15 years has past since that first InfoSec position and I think I have touched almost all areas. Do I know everything, no! But that's the way I prefer it that way as it pushes me to continue and learn new areas of security.

I feel fortunate to be in this space but if you have no passion and drive for learning new technologies and techniques, it will be just a job and you will get left behind. Be part if the InfoSec Community! Break, fix, learn, rinse and repeat! Have fun and network.