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Webcasts and More Security Conferences…

What a fantastic few months it's been. After the excitement of BHUSA died down, I put my head down and started looking at ways of improving my EPP research. I received some "interesting" feedback from my BH talk, mostly positive, but like with all things, some not so great. With over 800+ people in the

Hacker Summer Camp 2017 (Review)

With Hacker Summer Camp 2017 over, recovery process completed, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my first ever experience and thank so people along the way. As an Australian, getting over to Las Vegas off your own back can be challenging, but given I have spent the past 2 years here, the

The Road to Black Hat 2017

I have been to many conferences in my career but physically attending BlackHat has always been on my career bucket list. Regardless of the crowd warnings and occasionally hearing feedback like, "it's not like what it use to be", this was the year I wanted to say, "been there, done that, got the t-shirt"... For

Endpoint Security Testing – Part I

To NGAV, or EDR, that is the question! Six months ago I was told that we were looking at replacing our current AV solution. As a security person, in the past 15 years most things have crossed my path, but I had never really looked that deeply into AV, so this was an exciting project