Security Links

So many people tell me that security material is difficult to reference or courses are too expensive. It's definitely not true! Most of the my learning comes from free material, listening to Podcasts, Webinar, listening to others, playing around and breaking stuff.

For those that are starting out and not sure where to begin, here are some of my top picks (this is not exhaustive, but a great start):

  • Paul Security Weekly (@securityweekly ) - Podcast, YouTube, Facebook Live - this list is growing. These guys do an awesome job delivering weekly news, technical segments, security solutions discussions.
    • Secure Digital Life (for family and friends new to security)
    • Hack Naked News
    • Enterprise Security Weekly
    • Security Weekly
    • Startup Security Weekly
    • Tradecraft Security Weekly
  • Other Podcast favs include:
  • vBlogs

Listening to these on your way to work is always a great win, in the car, on the train, bus or tram. Most of us have roughly an hour commute, why not use that time to see whats happening in our community instead of looking at your Facebook or Instagram feed.

More stuff I like to do:

  • Webinars - if you need to collect CPE credits, you get 1 per hour, is not, doesn't there is no much to learn out there..
    • Check out the SANS webcast  - presenters are terrific and well-known in the industry
    • BHIS - John Strand and team do some fantastic with live demos of free tools and other technologies to give back to the security community
    • BrightTalk has lot of good talks
  • Checkout YouTube as well, there are so many videos on pretty much any topic of your choice.
  • Read a security white paper or blog or write your own
  • Build a malware lab or setup a bunch of virtual machines so you can learn different operating systems
  • Check out Malware Unicorns (@malwareunicorn) Reverse Engineering Malware Course
  • Signup to Github and follow some open source projects or create your own. These are some of my favourites folks I follow:
    • trustedsec
    • securedorg
    • danielbohannon
    • biggiesmallsAG
    • clymb3r
    • dafthack
    • hdm
    • My github page 🙂
  • If taking a boot camp training class is out of your budget, as for most of us it is unless being funded by your employer, check out For a low monthly price you have access to whole series of training videos.
  • Read Blog Posts posts
  • Create yourself a twitter handle and follow some of the security leaders in the industry

Email me or comment if there are any great security folks your follow or what you do to keep yourself up to date.